Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why can't I find the information about the contracted merchants at Offers?
Q: In the transaction details at SCBreeze personal online banking and credit card online service, some numbers are shown in red and others in green. What do the colors stand for?
Q: Is the account and financial information shown in SCBreeze the real-time information?
Q: Are there limits to the amount allowed for TWD fund transfers on the Personal Online Banking and Mobile Banking?
Q: What do I need to confirm before applying for the Credit Card Online Service?
Q: Under what circumstances will the SMS OTP be locked? How shall I unlock it ?
Q: I am already a Personal Online Banking Service user, how can I apply for SMS OTP?
Q: How should I apply for Personal Online Banking Service?
Q: Can I apply for Personal Online Banking Service if I don’t have a mobile phone?
Q: If I continued to enter wrong “username” and “password” when I login Personal Online Banking Service and therefore got locked, how can I unlock it?
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