Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When will I be automatically logged out of the Personal Online Banking Service?
Q: The application requires "3 digit card security code" for the authentication purposes for the Online Credit Card Service. What is the 3 digit card security code and why do I need to enter this code?
Q: Can I report a loss via the Personal Online Banking? If yes, what items are available to report losses? Can I cancel the report of a loss or change a loss report information via Online Banking?
Q: When will I receive the merchandise after I have redeemed my points online?
Q: Should I look at the buy or sell price of the exchange rate on the Internet in order to conduct currency exchange transfers?
Q: Can I log back into the Personal Online Banking if I previously have not logged out?
Q: Can I still use the Online Credit Card Service after I have reported a loss of my credit card?
Q: I have a credit card that has not been activated. Can I apply for the Online Credit Card Service?
Q: I have a cheque account with Standard Chartered Bank. Can I request cheque books via the Personal Online Banking?
Q: What should I note when setting up a foreign currency time deposit via the Personal Online Banking?
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