Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I left my computer after I have logged on to the Online Credit Card Service. Why was I automatically logged out several minutes later?
Q: What types of authentication data is required when applying for the Online Credit Card Service? Do I need to enter all of the data required in order to complete the application?
Q: Can I redeem cash and points fpr merchandise online?
Q: If a scheduled transfer date falls on a national holiday, will the bank execute the transfer on that same day?
Q: How do I review scheduled transactions? Can I cancel such transactions?
Q: If I want to cancel a transaction after it is completed, what should I do?
Q: Am I looking at real time information on the Personal Online Banking?
Q: When will I be able to use the Online Credit Card Service?
Q: When executing real time transactions, I am able to see the results. How will I know the result of scheduled transactions?
Q: Is Personal Online Banking available for everyone to process foreign currency transactions?
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