Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I set up frequently used accounts as the designated accounts for fund transfers on the Personal Online Banking?
Q: Does Standard Chartered Bank provide monthly statement for the transactions conducted using the Personal Online Banking?
Q: Will I be able to receive SMS Alert while I am out of the country?
Q: I have submitted my credit card payment. Is it possible to check the payment record right away?
Q: How do I check if the fund transfer or payment transfer has been completed if my computer freezes or disconnects from network during the transaction?
Q: Will my PC be sufficient to run the Online Credit Card Service? Can I use a company PC or other public PC to run the service?
Q: Is it secure to use or apply for the Online Credit Card Service online?
Q: Why is the amount indicated in the SMS Alert different from the amount that I purchased with my credit card?
Q: Am I looking at real time information of Accumulative Points in the Bonus Points section?
Q: What transfer fees will I incurr if I make a transfer using the Personal Online Banking?
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