Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will I receive Alerts right after I make purchases with my credit card?
Q: I am the Standard Chartered Bank principal credit card holder and I have applied for "Credit Card Service". Can I make inquiries on the supplementary card holder's account information?
Q: Why do I receive the same SMS Alert repeatedly?
Q: What happens if I enter the wrong username or password when logging into the Online Credit Card Service?
Q: What are the benfits of using the Online Credit Card Service?
Q: If I have several Standard Chartered Bank credit cards, will I need to log on separately to review each card?
Q: What happens if the account is locked after 3 incorrect username or password attempts?
Q: I have already successfully applied for the Online Credit Card Service. If I apply for another Standard Chartered Bank card, do I need to apply for the service again?
Q: Can I review my redemption history?
Q: What should I do if I have questions while using the Online Credit Card Service?
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